Eclecticos Greek Restaurant

In the vibrant heart of Puerto Vallarta, a beloved culinary gem has reimagined itself. Eclecticos Greek Restaurant and Bar, once a staple for food aficionados in the area, has gracefully transitioned into a new era. Chef Ruben, the maestro behind the much-acclaimed flavors of Eclecticos, has now unveiled his latest venture: Olive Mediterranean Cuisine. This isn’t just a change of scenery; it’s a rebirth of the same delicious concept that patrons have come to adore, now infused with new zest and charm.

Olive Mediterranean Cuisine, or “Olive by Ruben” as it’s affectionately known, invites diners to a refreshing experience at Calle Havre 252 in the bustling Versalles neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta. Despite the change in latitude, the restaurant’s soul remains steadfast—promising the same eclectic mix of tastes that made Eclecticos a name to remember. The new location is a breeze to find, a convenient spot that whispers the promise of culinary delights to both newcomers and loyalists seeking Ruben’s renowned dishes.

The new Olive boasts a spacious setting, where guests can savor their meals in the comfort of a capacious indoor dining area or indulge in the gentle caress of the Puerto Vallartan breeze in an expansive outdoor space. The essence of Eclecticos continues to thrive in Olive’s kitchen, with Ruben at the helm, ensuring the menu remains as exotic and tantalizing as ever, yet with subtle enhancements that elevate the dining experience. Each dish is a conversation starter, a story woven from the finest Mediterranean ingredients that beckon food lovers from near and far.

Finding Olive is a breeze for anyone in Puerto Vallarta, with its convenient new address easily accessible for an impromptu dinner or a planned gastronomic excursion. Eager diners can connect with the restaurant and make reservations by calling +52 322 146 8783 or visiting the website at The transition from Eclecticos to Olive is not just a change of name; it’s the continuation of a gastronomic journey, with Chef Ruben as the guide, leading the way to new memories made over plates of Mediterranean marvels. Join in the adventure and discover why Olive is quickly becoming the new culinary beacon of Puerto Vallarta.